Now, you can read me also in Spanish.

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Ahora, tambien pueden leer mi blog en Español

Mi blog en Español


From Ignacio Lopez’s blog we have great news about this add-in.

“JiraConn is an OpenSource project started in early 2006, with the purpose of becoming a Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 managed add-in for the issue tracking system JIRA.
It’s main objective is to enable .NET developers to perform the most common JIRA tasks within the IDE.
Among other things, the add-in will provide issue creation, visualization, filtering, resolution and closing.
JiraConn is being developed in C# as an Open Source project under the GNU GPL Licence, and will be provided completely free of charge.”

More about this beta.


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A nice video…

November 3, 2006

My boss show me an amazing video. It’s so funny!!.

 Show it here

Hello world!

June 30, 2006

Post postInicial = new Post();

 Espero poder escribir seguido…