Guys, the Cooperator Team release his final version.

Download from Codeplex (Source Code also available).

Download from SourceForge (Source Code also available).


We are in Codeplex!! 🙂

In a few days we are going to upload the source code.

Cooperator Framework

Cooperator on Codeplex

Hi, good news from the Cooperator Team.

Now we have a few papers to read about Cooperator.



Cooperator Modeler

More about this new release here.

Download here

Date: November 24
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Location: MUG-AR Building (Microsoft Users Group Argentina)
Address: 1479 Rivadavia Av., 1º Floor – Office A
Speakers: Eugenio Serrano. Daniel Calvin.

Dia: 24 de Noviembre
Hora: 18:30 a 21:30
Ubicacion: Auditorio MUG-AR  (Microsoft Users Group Argentina)
Direccion: Av. Rivadavia 1479, 1º Piso – Oficina A
Oradores: Eugenio Serrano. Daniel Calvin

Cooperator Framework
Eugenio Serrano’s Blog

The preview #6 goes live yesterday. 
This is the final preview before the release. 
Many bugs has been fixed. 
New features like Loaders have been added (now we have inheritance!!!!). 
Improvements in databinding and much more!. 
Check out the Eugenio’s post in Cooperator’s Blog.

Download Preview #6

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Well, today was released the preview 5 of Cooperator Framework.

New features have been added like Authorization, Views and full support to ASP .NET.

Download from here.

More about this release here.