Date: November 24
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Location: MUG-AR Building (Microsoft Users Group Argentina)
Address: 1479 Rivadavia Av., 1º Floor – Office A
Speakers: Eugenio Serrano. Daniel Calvin.

Dia: 24 de Noviembre
Hora: 18:30 a 21:30
Ubicacion: Auditorio MUG-AR  (Microsoft Users Group Argentina)
Direccion: Av. Rivadavia 1479, 1º Piso – Oficina A
Oradores: Eugenio Serrano. Daniel Calvin

Cooperator Framework
Eugenio Serrano’s Blog


NHibernate Course

November 20, 2006

What?! Do you think that I’m joking? Fortunately it’s not a joke. 
Thanks to Ayende, now we are going to have an Advanced NHibernate Course.

You can read more here:
Advanced NHibernate Course
About That NHibernate Course
Wiki for NHibernate course

Ben Scheirman wrote a series of articles about NHibernate and Domain Driven Design.

You can read the articles here:

A Journey with NHibernate – Part 1
A Journey With NHibernate – Part 2
A Journey With NHibernate (and DDD) – Part 3
A Journey with Domain Driven Design (and NHibernate) – Part 4
A Journey with Domain Driven Design (and NHibernate) – Part 5
A Journey with Domain Driven Design (and NHibernate) – Part 6
A Journey with Domain Driven Design (and NHibernate) – Part 7

I’m anxious to read the part 8.

The preview #6 goes live yesterday. 
This is the final preview before the release. 
Many bugs has been fixed. 
New features like Loaders have been added (now we have inheritance!!!!). 
Improvements in databinding and much more!. 
Check out the Eugenio’s post in Cooperator’s Blog.

Download Preview #6

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A nice video…

November 3, 2006

My boss show me an amazing video. It’s so funny!!.

 Show it here

Dear Ezequiel Jadib,

Congratulations! You were selected to participate of the Test Drive of Windows Vista and 2007 Office System. 
This means that we will lend you for 6 (six) days a notebook Sony, with technology Intel, so that you can experience the characteristics and functionalities of this new software generation Microsoft.
Estimado Ezequiel Jadib,Felicitaciones! Fuiste seleccionado para participar del Test Drive de Windows Vista y 2007 Office System.

Esto significa que te prestaremos por 6 (seis) días una notebook Sony, con tecnología Intel, para que puedas experimentar vos mismo las características y funcionalidades de esta nueva generación de software Microsoft.

Photos of the notebook 🙂 (Click to enlarge) (Not available)

This is the final CTP before the release 🙂

Please check out this post to get more info.

Cameron’s post
Gert’s post

Download it here